Monday, April 29, 2013

Torso ... exploring the beauty of the human body !!

Over the years I have like most other artists 
been fascinated
of the curves and all the moves
 of the human body !!
I tried a lot of different techniques

"your shadow ... your echo"
"You live in my heart"


"Deep inside"

"In full bloom"
"Together .. and on your own"

"Keep moving"

"You - me and the two of us"


"The dancer"






Saturday, April 20, 2013

In the blue world ... 2011

In spring 2011 I wanted to try to paint
with only blue and white
I started using a transperant technique
letting the white background shine through !! 

I worked with the contrast
from very blurred to
sharpness and straight lines
Like in a dream ...

The titel in danish
"Himmelrummet" or "luftkastellet"
translated as "the room in the sky"/"castles in the air"


My next painting I started the same way
 but I added a little red
to get a little warmth into all the blue ...
I had the idea using the geometric of
 the compass-rose

another way to show my passion of
the sea and the sky
I called it

Still working with the blue and white
I wanted to make a less controlled painting
I started painting a lot of different windows
on top of the blue background
 step by step I entered into
a kind of fairytale

In my imagination there was
 a magic kind of life behind the windows

like in a dream ...

The title
" It´s not dark yet .."

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scribble paintings ...

Scribble ...
 in danish skriblerier ...
last summer I´ve made
some small paintings
using the "scribble-technic" !!!
Everybody do sometimes scribble ...
for example
when your testing a pen, or when you
have a pen in your hand are talking in telephone !!

The background is thin layers of acryllic paint
and with a white pen I "scribble" the contours
creating colourful worlds of fantasy !!!


Another kind of wiev into a colourful world ...

(Detail from wallpainting)
After I had done the wallpainting in our entrance
I wanted paint some small paintings (20x20cm)
Using the same technique ...
using only the primary colours and white

and the symbol of the small white houses
to create the perspective

and using thin layers of blue, red and yellow

to create landscape
and people ...

I have enjoyed
to discover and disappear into

these small colourful worlds !!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

55gr. 45,2`N 10gr.40,3`E .... BAGENKOP HARBOUR !!!

Bagenkop harbour
Fishingboats going out or coming home
serious business ... social meetingplace
hard and rough work ... small-talks
Fishes and seagulls !!!
Small and big sailingboats ... 
leaving in the mornings going out on the sea
and coming in in the late afternoon  !!!
Sailors and tourists !!! 

A place
always full of
 life and activity and colours
very much inspiring !!!